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ATM Furnace Hot Zone Chain Repair

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Suitable for TQ(F)/RTQ(F)-furnaces.

Compatible Brand:-IPSEN

Compatible Equipment Type and Size: RTQ|TQ|Atlas-5#|8#|10#|11#|13#|17#|L|XL

Packing type & Packing Qty: N

Order & Stock Unit: PC

Minimum Order Quantity: 1 PC

More detailed information can be found in Description section below. 

The Ipsen / Nesdra Supreme Furnace chains are designed for 5 to 7 years of service life, due to very high concentration of Nickle and other high-performance metal elements in the alloy, allowing the hot segment of the chain lasting for a very long time at a temperature above 900℃ with little maintenance requirement. Needless to say, the hot segment is very expensive

However, furnace chains do break, normally due to improper usage or jamming workload. In order to reduce the cost of chains, the supreme furnace chain is designed with two segments, hot and cold. while the hot segment is made of very expensive but lasting material, the cold segment made out of much cheaper material to keep the cost down while achieving the objective of quickly pulling out the load from the furnace.

Our professional furnace chain repairing service allows you to achieve the lowest operational cost over the whole service life of furnace chains.


As a standard service process, we will first inspect and check your chain at our workshop. the chain can be repaired only while certain criteria are met. we are going to define the scope of repairing according to the result of the inspection.

  • Basic repair scope (Standard Scope):the complete cold segment will be removed and replaced. normally the complete cold segment is deformed even when only a few links are broken.
  • Pushing head replacement (Optional): Pushing head might be damaged as well, a new pushing head can be mounted to replace the damaged one
  • Hotlink replacement (Optional): if only a few cold links are broken or damaged due to accidence, the broken links can be replaced



Furnace chains can be repaired only when the following criteria are met:

  • Correct material composition: the hot segment chain links should be made of correct material, to ensure 5 ~ 7 years of service life.
  • Dimensions in tolerance: clearances and dimensions of key links should be within the correct range of tolerances.
  • All links move freely: All chain links will be checked for movement.


CHECK & INSPECT:Nesdra will check the material composition, critical dimensions and the status of key components of the chain, a report/repair proposal will be submitted to customer

WORK TIME:With order confirmation from the customer, we will remove the damaged cold segment of the furnace chain, replace it with a new one. We keep cold segment in our stock, and normally it takes less than one week to finish the repair job

TRACEABILITY:With the serial numbers marked on the pushing heads, we can trace back to historical production records throughout the warranty period and improve in case we discover issues in the field. 



We provide Half Year (6 months) warranty for the product, under the following conditions:

  • If the repaired part of the product is damaged or broken within the warranty period.
  • If the repaired part damaged due to quality reason

following conditions should be met to allow a warranty to be granted :

  • the furnace is not overloaded, and.
  • the driving system and chain guide system works properly.
  • regular inspections are properly done. 


  • PACKING: the chains are packed in cardboard boxes and wrapped with Nesdra sticky tape. An installation manual is provided together with the chain in the foam box
  • IDENTIFICATION: Each of Nesdra Carbon Sensor carries a 9 digit serial number on it, with which the heater can be identified and production process records and quality test records can be traced at any time within the warranty period
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Gross Weight (kg) 0.000000
Compatible Part Number N/A
Equipment Type Main Furnace - RTQ, Main Furnace - TQ, Atlas Furnace
Equipment Load Size 5#, 8#, 10#, 11#, 13#, 17#, L, XL
Return period 30 days
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