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Join Expert Heat Treatment Support Forum

For the benefit of our heat treatment community, we are operating and moderating various expert forums on heat treatment topics to connect as many experts and professionals together to work, learn and support each other.

The topics range from atmosphere and vacuum technology, heat treatment process, analysis, furnace operations and maintenance, troubleshooting, etc ...

By now there are more than 250 participants, asking questions, providing answers and sharing experience. If the question is phrased well, then the answer maybe forthcoming within half an hour!

Participation is free of charge, if your company chooses NESDRA as their supplier for parts and services.

If you are qualified and like to join in please get in touch with us on our company wechat service account (search for "NESDRA" inside official accounts), we will quickly verify your status and get you in ASAP.

Spare Parts Deals for Ipsen Furnaces

Depending on your membership status with us you maybe entitled to various discount levels on spare parts and services, priority order fulfillment, free of charge shipment as well as special deals and promotions.

Below we have a small selection of deals, to see what exactly is available on your membership level please log in.

There are no bundle packs yet.