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Did you know? Weekly Check Instructions of RX Gas Generators

July 20, 2019
By 猷绥
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Did you know? Weekly Check Instructions of RX Gas Generators

It's going to be another weekend soon. In such a hot weather, you must be released to spend a weekend away from the heat in the heat treatment shop, is that right? It is vital important for us to relieve our body from the busy hot work during the week by taking such a break, but did you know, that just like we need weekly break, our RX gas generator also needs to take the weekend for a weekly inspection, to retrieve the best working condition.

Here are the instructions for gas generator weekly maintenance check:

1. Clean up Furnace body, components, pipes, electrical cabinets, gauges, touch screens, etc.

Cleaning up these parts to remove dust and grease can not only ensure the overall neatness of the equipment, but also expose potential safety or performance issues, thus prevent little glitches from becoming big problems.

2. Electrical cabinet AC filter

The AC filter is there to prevent dust from entering the distribution, thus prevent from short circuit of electrical components in the cabinet. Therefore, the filter must be cleaned every week to ensure smooth flow of air.

3. Endothermic gas pipeline filter

RX gas contains some carbon particles, which might be entering the gas pipeline and causing the failure of pipeline components. Thus there are filters installed on the RX gas outlet pipelines to avoid carbon particles. However, the filter on the pipeline can be frequently blocked and must be cleaned every week and replaced if necessary.

4. Due point analyzer

In order to ensure the relative accuracy of dew point detected by the lambda probe, it is necessary to use portable dew point meter to calibrate the one on the equipment every week. If the dew point deviation on the equipment is found to be greater than 1℃, the gain on the transmitter needs to be adjusted. The knob keeps the dew point display value on the device basically consistent with the measurement value on the portable dew point meter. If the gain knob on the transmitter has been adjusted to the limit, the dew point display value on the device still has a large gap with the measured value of the portable dew point meter (greater than 2℃), indicating that the deviation of the probe cannot be adjusted by the transmitter, a new probe needs to be replaced.

5. Reaction tank

After one week, carbon particles will be deposited on the surface of the catalyst in the reactor tank, affecting the catalytic effect. Therefore, the catalyst in the reactor tank should be regenerated weekly to maintain catalyst activity.

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