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Let's carry out proper Monthly Maintenance of RX Gas Generator to prevent from line shut down

July 20, 2019
By 猷绥
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Let's carry out proper Monthly Maintenance of RX Gas Generator to prevent from line shut down

Dangers may be hidden in some parts of RX gas generator after one month of running if we don't expose them. In order reveal these hidden dangers, we must carry out monthly maintenance stoppage, and then make necessary. Here are details of what you should do:

1. Check all water and gas pipelines

Gas generators work at constant high temperature environment, after a while, the sealings of cooling water and gas pipelines will gradually fail, adding up risks of leakage. As preventive action, it is necessary to check cooling water pipeline every month. Use soap water to check whether all positive pressure gas pipelines (air, propane or natural gas, RX gas) are leaking, and re-seal those pipes.

2. Check Blower

The blower mixes feed gas (air, propane or natural gas) in a certain proportion and pumps it into reaction tank. Therefore, the blower is critical, and If it stops working, the generator will be shut down, We have to check the status of blower every month: check if there’s abnormal noise; measure if three-phase currents are balanced using a tong meter; and also check for vibration. The blower should be replaced repaired if it’s not working properly.

3. Check Exhaust Gas Combuster

Exhaust gas combustor burns off excessive RX gas produced by the generator. The key component is the spark plug. Because the spark plug is working constantly in high temperature environment, the resistance wire inside the spark plug might be burned off, so the wire has to be checked carefully every month. If the resistance wire is defective, the spark plug must be replaced.

Further, the current relay should also be checked in following steps: increase the set current of the current relay, the device should display the spark plug fault; and then lower the set current back to normal value, the spark plug fault should be automatically eliminated by pressing the reset button.

4.Check Air pipe filters

Installed on the air inlet pipe is an air filter, which plays an important role of removing dust and impurities in the air and preventing them from entering the air pipeline. Every month, the filter needs to be opened, and the dust and debris on the filter should be cleaned up with a compressed air spray before putting back.

There’s another filter on the air pipeline solenoid valve, at the entrance of it. After one month of use, some dust and sundries will accumulate on the filter screen of the air solenoid valve. Every month, we should remove the filter, clean up the dust and sundries on the filter screen with a compressed air spray before putting the filter back.

5. Check Thermocouples

Thermocouples measure the temperature inside heating room. The readings of thermocouple tend to deviate from actual value along time. Therefore, it is necessary to use standard thermocouples to calibrate temperature control and overtemperature thermocouples every month. If the errors between working and standard thermocouples is found to exceed 5℃, the working thermocouples should be replaced.

6. Check Electrical cabinet

Check inside and outside of electrical cabinet and all switch boxes, ensure all connections are intact and clean. In case of bad connection, High current in the heating circuit will increase the risk of burning out the electrical components. Therefore, every cable in the heating circuit should be tightened to ensure that the cable joint is not tightened and heated.

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