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Supreme Furnace Chain - 88

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Suitable for IPSEN Atmosphere Furnaces TQ(F)/RTQ(F) for Loading and transferring of work piece loading in hot zone.

Compatible Brand:-IPSEN

Compatible IPSEN part #:-KB-105789-W

Compatible Equipment Type and Size: RTQ|TQ-25#|26#|27#

Packing type & Packing Qty: cardboard-Box,-one-chain-in-each

Order & Stock Unit: PC

Minimum Order Quantity: 1 PC

More detailed information can be found in Description section below. 

This Chain is compatible with IPSEN Atmosphere Heat Treatment Furnaces(TQ(F)/RTQ(F) types) for hot zone load transfering.


Basic Information of the Product:

  • lind distance:  63.5 mm
  • Maxmun Load:1.5 Ton
  • Number of Links:Approx. 88 (43 Hot + Approx. 45 Cold)
  • Designed Structure:Cold + Hot segments
  • weight:     25kg
  • Material Standard (Hot Seg): DIN 2.4633
  • Nickle % (Hot Seg):   appx. 62%
  • Chromium %:    24 - 26
  • Other critical element:    Titanium 0.1-0.2%, Yttrium 0.05-0.12%

MORE THAN JUST NICKLE: High concentration of Nickle and Chromium in the base material as well as additional Ti and Y ensures it anti-oxide and heat resistance performance under 1000°C

HIGH QUALITY MANUFACTURING: the welding quality and process are controled by our most experienced German Welding Expert

SMART DESIGN: the chain is designed to have special structure in achieving high tensile strength and heat resistance in the same time


Compatible with IPSEN Atmosphere Heat Treatment Furnaces(TQ(F)/RTQ(F) types, furnace load sizes L X W X H, in mm

  • TQ/RTQ - 25, Load size: 1520 X 1220 X 610, load weight: 1200 - 2500 kg
  • TQ/RTQ - 26, Load size: 1520 X 1220 X 760, load weight: 1500 - 2500 kg
  • TQ/RTQ - 27, Load size: 1520 X 1220 X 910, load weight: 1500 - 2500 kg


HOT-COLD SEGMENT DESIGN:It is a fact that the tensile strength of metalic materials reduce with the temperature increases, even heat resistance steel can only provide very limited strength at temperatures higher than 600°C. Thus the Nesdra furnace chain is designed to contain two different segments: the Cold segment made of high tensile strength steel but contains relatively lower Nickle percentage and lower anti-oxydation and heat resistance performance, and the Hot segment that provides the best heat resistance power and anti-oxydation performance but serves little in the strength of the chain. The whole load transfering system is designed so that only the hot segment stays in the heating chamber at most of the time, and when the load is to be pushed only the cold segment bears the friction of loads. In this way Nesdra furnace Chains are able to provide the best performance in both heat resistance and strength capacity without sacrificing anyone of these two performances.

ULTRA RELIABLE MATERIAL: Since the hot segment of the chain stays in the heating chamber and works at temperature of 950°C to 1050°C, we definitely have to use the best material for premium performance of the chain. For Nesdra premium furnace chain, the hot segment chain is made of a completely different material, not only with twice as much percentage of Nickle, but also with additional micro element of Titanium, Yttrium and others. Addition of these micro elements will largely improve the anti-oxydation and the resistance to creep -- a very slow change of form of metal under high temperature -- and thus provides better heat resistance performance than the standard Nesdra Chain for the customers who works at above 950°C and want to have even better reliability of the chain system

PRODUCED WITH GERMAN PROCESS: With the right material we take only the first step towards good quality of the chain. The manufacturing process of the chain is equally important. The whole process of pressing, welding, and heat treatment of the chain is developed by our German Process Experts and all the details are supervised and inspected to meet our standard. We have to use German welding wire for the high-Nickle material because there's no counterpart in China, and every chain are heat-treated to strengthen its performance.

TRACEABILITY:We know that the material composition, welding and heat-treatment processes are critical to the quality of the chain, we pay extra attention to minor details during production: The hot segment raw materials are exclusively produced by our certified manufacturer with the production process and composition just for us; different logos are pressed on different links to prevent from mis-using of material; the welding and heat-treating process records are archieved for check at any time. With the serial numbers marked on the pushing head of each chain, we can trace back to historical production records throughout warranty period and improve in case we discover issues in the field. 


We provide Two Year warranty for the product, under following conditions:

  • If the chain breaks or distorts during normal usage of the furnace

following conditions should be met to allow warranty to be granted :

  • regular inspection and maintenance should be done properly during usage
  • the furnace is used within its designed range 
  • the load charges and muffle plates are in good condition, no deformation or cracks


  • SHIPPING ON ORDER: Due to demand of this product Nesdra does not keep safety stock for this SKU, but we will ship within specified delivery time after you confirm your order.
  • PACKING: the chains are packed in cardboard boxes to prevent from damage during transportation
  • Identification: Each of Nesdra furnace chain carries a serial number on the pushing head, with which the chain can be identified and production process records can be traced at any time within warranty period


This product is subjected to our 30 day return policy. If you have purchased the product and realize that you do not need it or you purchased wrong size, then you may apply for returning it back to us within thirty days after purchase*.

The conditions for return are that the product is not used, not damaged, is still inside original unbroken package and therefore can still be re-sold.

*NESDRA will refund the value of the product as a credit on your account with us. You may use this store credit to purchase any other product in our online shop. No cash withdrawal is possible.

More Information
Gross Weight (kg) 15.100000
Compatible Part Number KB-105789-W
Equipment Type Main Furnace - RTQ, Main Furnace - TQ
Equipment Load Size 25#, 26#, 27#
Return period 30 days
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