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Casted Fan Blade - HT 600x580

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Suitable for IPSEN Atmosphere Furnaces TQ(F)/RTQ(F) for high efficiency hot zone atmosphere circulation.

Compatible Brand:-IPSEN

Compatible IPSEN part #:-KB-089874

Compatible Equipment Type and Size: RTQ|TQ-27#|37#

Packing type & Packing Qty: Wooden-box

Order & Stock Unit: PC

Minimum Order Quantity: 1 PC

More detailed information can be found in Description section below. 

This Fan blade is compatible with IPSEN Atmosphere Heat Treatment Furnaces(TQ(F)/RTQ(F) types) for hot zone atmosphere circulation.


Basic Information of the Atmosphere Circulation Fan blade:

  • Diameter:   600 mm
  • blade height:   160 mm
  • Manufacturing Process:Casting & Machining
  • Balancing Process:Real-Env Balancing
  • Balancing Level:< 2g
  • weight:     30kg
  • Material: DIN 1.4865
  • Nickle %:   36 - 39
  • Chromium %:    18 - 21

MORE THAN JUST NICKLE: High concentration o Nickle and Chromium in the fan blade ensures it anti-oxide and heat resistance performance under 1000°C

HIGH PRECESION MACHINING: shafts of fan blades are machined in precesion in order to not only fit with motor shafts but also protect their bearings by ensuring correct clearance

ULTRA-LEVEL BALANCING: Best-in-industry balancing of the fan blade help preserves the fan motor as well as itself


Compatible with IPSEN Atmosphere Heat Treatment Furnaces(TQ(F)/RTQ(F) types, furnace load sizes L X W X H, in mm

  • TQ/RTQ - 27, Load size: 1520 X 1220 X 910, load weight: 1500 - 2500 kg
  • TQ/RTQ - 37, Load size: 1800 X 1550 X 1220, load weight: 2000 - 5000 kg


REAL-ENV BALANCING:Even with correct material composition, unbalanced or improperly balanced fan blade will impact many subsystems in the furnace: the bearings and shaft sealing of the fan circulation motor, introduction of vibrations into the furnace, muffle arcs or the insulation layers of the furnace and may result in loss of whole workload and trigger a furnace shutdown if it becomes loose and drops down.

With our cutting-edge "Real-Env Balancing" technology, NESDRA is able to provide best-in-industry balancing of the fan-blade: we take into consideration that the fan blade is not an independent object but is a part of the subsystem working together with the motor at high speed.

Thus only self-balancing the fan-blade will not be necessarily result in a balanced subsystem together with the motor, and that system error exists in any kind of balancing measurement systems, which adds risk during fan blade usage.

Therefore, we specially designed the balancing devices and processes in such way that the blades are balanced in an environment that resembles very closely the whole fan circulation subsystem, and we also developed mathematical way of removing system errors from the measuring result.

For our customer, all of the above means they get a perfectly balanced circulation motor-fan system!

HIGH PRECISION MACHINING: We are using modern turning machines to create exact and tight clearances between the shaft and the inner bore of the motor cooling flange and shaft.

WHY? The answer is simply because we know how critical those tolerances are. Both the motor and fan blade are designed to be working as a pair, exceeding of dimensional tolerances on a few carefully designed part of the fan blade will not do any harm to it self, but might risk the motor damage either due to excessive vibration, or reduction of life time due to high temperature conducted through the gap.

Therefore, NESDRA fan blade provides to our customer not only just a reliable fan blade, but the stability and reliability of the whole atmosphere circulation system.

TRACEABILITY:We know that the material composition, dimensions, tolerances and balancing process are critical to the quality of fan blades.

We pay extra attention to minor details during production that may cause any defects: Raw materials are carefully selected and the material composition is checked with samples stored for future verification; dimensions after machining are 100% checked; the balancing process recording documents are kept with all intermediate readings so that all final results are verifiable. Such records are available for each and every fan blade. With the serial numbers marked on each of the fan blade, we can trace back to historical production records throughout warranty period and improve in case we discover issues in the field.


We provide Two Year warranty for the product, under following conditions:

  • Fan blade distorts or cracks during usage without any assembly or operation mistakes.

Following conditions should be met to allow warranty to be granted :

  • The fan blade has to be used only together with IPSEN original or NESDRA fan circulation motor.
  • Regular inspection and maintenance should be done properly during usage and the motor does not have balancing issue before installation of fan blade (We assume that original fan circulation motor was well balanced).
  • The furnace is used within its designed specifications.


  • SAME DAY SHIPPING: The product can be shipped on the same day if the following conditions are fulfilled: it is in stock, the order is paid before 14:00 and express shipping is selected. Otherwise the order will be shipped next work day after the order is received and paid.
  • PACKING: Fan blades are packed in wooden box to prevent from damage during transportation.
  • IDENTIFICATION: Each of NESDRA fan blade carries a 6 digit serial number on its surface, with which the product can be identified and production process records can be traced at any time within warranty period.


This product is subjected to our 30 day return policy. If you have purchased the fan blade and realize that you do not need it or you purchased wrong size, then you may apply for returning it back to us within thirty days after purchase*.

The conditions for return are that the product is not used, not damaged, is still inside original unbroken package and therefore can still be re-sold.

*NESDRA will refund the value of the product as a credit on your account with us. You may use this store credit to purchase any other product in our online shop. No cash withdrawal is possible.

More Information
Gross Weight (kg) 33.000000
Compatible Part Number KB-089874
Equipment Type Main Furnace - RTQ, Main Furnace - TQ
Equipment Load Size 27#, 37#
Return period 30 days
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