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Performance Radiant Tube - CC160x5x1480 SF

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Suitable for IPSEN Atmosphere Furnaces TQ(F)/RTQ(F) for electrical heating element radiation.

Compatible Brand:-IPSEN

Compatible IPSEN part #:-SB-406840-B

Compatible Equipment Type and Size: RTQ|TQ-10#|13#|25#

Packing type & Packing Qty: Wooden-box

Order & Stock Unit: PC

Minimum Order Quantity: 1 PC

More detailed information can be found in Description section below. 

This Radiation Tube is compatible with IPSEN Atmosphere Heat Treatment Furnaces(TQ(F)/RTQ(F) types), to be used together with 6 inch Squirrel cage Electrical Heaters.


Basic Information of the Radiation Tube:

  • Diameter:   6 inch
  • Manufacturing Process:Thin-wall Centrifugal Casting,welded bottom plate
  • wall thickness    5mm
  • inner diameter:150mm
  • Tube Material: 1Cr25Ni35
  • Bottom Material:   1Cr25Ni20
  • work temprature:      1350°C
  • Installation lenth:      1470mm
  • Flange size: 160mm

Thin-wall Centri. Casting: Nesdra Radiation tubes are produced by Thin-Wall Centrifugal Casting Process, with out the process of inner surface cutting, providing the best solution that increases its life cycle by preventing from oxydation and falling off of inner oxide crusts

High Temperature Reliability: Nesdra radiation tube bodies are mede of heat resistance type 1Cr25Ni35, with max working temperature as high as 1350°C, providing reliability under the most severe working environment. The Bottom of the tubes are welded with heat-resistance steel welding filler and are cut from 1Cr25Ni20Si2 hot rolloing plates


Compatible with IPSEN Atmosphere Heat Treatment Furnaces(TQ(F)/RTQ(F), furnace load sizes L X W X H, in mm

  • TQ/RTQ - 10, Load size: 1220 X 760 X 760, load weight: 1000 kg
  • TQ/RTQ - 13, Load size: 1220 X 910 X 760, load weight: 1200 kg
  • TQ/RTQ - 25, Load size: 1520 X 1220 X 610, load weight: 1200 - 2500 kg


ADVANCED PROCESS:To choose the wall thickness of the radiation tube is a difficult engineering trade-off: Thinner wall results in better radiation of heat but reduces the life-cycle of it because the wall gets oxidized under high temperature. In order to seek a balance most radiationi tubes are designed to be 5mm in wall thickness which exceeds the lower limit of normal centrifugal casting process, 7 mm. Therefore, normal radiation tubes are lathed after casting process to remove 2mm on the inner surface. However,  the drawback is that it also removes protective oxide layer generated during the casing process from inner surface, thus increases the speed of oxydation and the risk of crust falling upon heaters. Nesdra Radiation tubes are produced, however, with cutting-edge thin-wall centrifugal casting process that makes cutting process no longer needed, and increases the life cycle and reliability of the radiation tubes.

TRACEABILITY:We know that the material composition and manufacturing process is critical to the quality of radiation tubes, therefore we pay extra attention to minor details during production that may cause any defects: Raw materials are carefully selected and the composition before and after each furnace of molten steel are checked and kept for future sample verification; all the welding process documents and welding records are kept also during whole warranty period of every piece of tube. With the serial numbers marked on each of the radiation tube, we can trace back to historical production records throughout warranty period and improve in case we discover issues in the field. 


We provide Two Year warranty for the product, under following conditions:

  • If the bottom part of the radiation tubes are dameged or fallen down

following conditions should be met to allow warranty to be granted :

  • the radiation tubes have to be only used together with Nesdra heaters.
  • regular inspection and maintenance should be done properly during usage and the radiation tubes have to be regularly turned during maintenance 
  • the furnace is used within its designed range 


  • SAME DAY SHIPPING: The product can be shipped on the same day if the following conditions are fulfilled: it is in stock, the order is paid before 14:00 and express shipping is selected. Otherwise the order will be shipped next work day after the order is received and paid.
  • PACKING: the Heaters are packed with foaming materials to prevent from damage during transportation, then packed in wooden boxes. If quantity is smaller than 3 pieces, extra shipping cost will be charged.
  • IDENTIFICATION: Each of Nesdra radiation tube carries a 11 digit serial number on its Flange(*), with which the tubes can be identified and production process records can be traced at any time within warranty period

6. 30 Day Return Policy

This product is subjected to our 30 day return policy. If you have purchased the product and realize that you do not need it or you purchased wrong size, then you may apply for returning it back to us within thirty days after purchase*.

The conditions for return are that the product is not used, not damaged, is still inside original unbroken package and therefore can still be re-sold.

*NESDRA will refund the value of the product as a credit on your account with us. You may use this store credit to purchase any other product in our online shop. No cash withdrawal is possible.

More Information
Gross Weight (kg) 17.000000
Compatible Part Number SB-406840-B
Equipment Type Main Furnace - RTQ, Main Furnace - TQ
Equipment Load Size 10#, 13#, 25#
Diameter (mm) 6 inch
Power or Capacity 0
Working Temperature (°C) 1050
Length of Work Segment (mm) 1480
Return period 30 days
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