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NESDRA - A Heat Treatment Service Company

Foundation & Motivation

Nesdra Founder

NESDRA was founded by Dieter, who is a serial entrepreneur with more than 20 years of senior management experience with the world largest multinational companies, responsible for project management, factory planning and startup, business process integration and optimization, productivity improvement, product development as well as company wide training programs.

Prior to establishment of NESDRA, Dieter served many years as Chief Operating Officer at Ipsen Industrial Furnaces Shanghai Ltd being responsible for production of furnaces, installation & service, supply chain, new product introduction and quality management.

During the period of working with Ipsen Industrial Furnaces, Dieter also visited a lot of clients to get an in-depth understanding of the heat treatment industry and key issues the community is facing. With key issues being:

  • Lack of affordable, available and high quality spare parts
  • Lack of expert knowledge and expertise to help troubleshoot equipment and process problems
  • Unnecessary breakdown of equipment due to operator mistakes or lack of real preventive maintenance

Service and Spare Parts for Ipsen Furnaces

Thus, Dieter, decided that the best way to help the heat treatment community overall was to set up NESDRA to be a professional heat treatment service company to address the needs of the community in five areas:

  • First, connect as many experts and professionals together to work, learn and support each other. Now NESDRA moderates multiple wechat circles on various heat treatment topics to generate free flow of know-how and experience sharing within the community.
  • Second, address the affordability and availability of high quality spare parts for Ipsen furnaces. For that a lot of work has been done to do precise engineering and localization of key spare parts, thus make sure high quality fully compatible Ipsen furnace spare parts are available. To ensure supply availability and quality long term partnerships with suppliers have been established and stringent quality systems established. Then, the whole supply chain was structured for speed and transparency, thus an online platform was established to allow customers to find and procure spare parts for Ipsen furnaces as efficiently as possible, while being fully informed about the parts they are buying.
  • Third, establish a comprehensive training and development program for operators and maintenance personnel to ensure that the life cycle of the equipment can be extended and capacity can be increased by avoiding unplanned shutdowns through higher level skill for operation and preventive maintenance of the equipment.
  • Fourth, for problems that can not be resolved remotely, NESDRA will coordinate onsite support and make an expert available to address even most challenging demands like heat treatment process troubleshooting, system upgrades, retrofits and annual maintenance as well.
  • Fifth, based on years of management expertise in the world top 500 companies, and recruiting best experts and talent in the field, NESDRA is uniquely positioned to support our customer community with complex project management and consulting tasks like factory planning and relocation, process optimization, lean management, set up of total preventive maintenance system, equipment selection and productivity improvement.

Your Benefits & Rewards

NESDRA aims to be your partner and one stop solution for all heat treatment related needs and organization process improvement questions.

Thus, we strive to earn your trust by perfect service and aim to reward your commitment and participation in the community with special offers, discounts and priority provision of spare parts and services.

Please get in touch with us to let us know how we can be of service to you!